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Dr. Steven M. Katz, MAGD

Dr. Steven M. Katz has lived every dentist’s nightmare of seeing a thriving practice decimated by a series of serious life setbacks, including two years of disability.

An avid student of practice management techniques, Dr. Katz developed a practice vision and goals, and implemented the strategies he had learned, as well as some of his own. He trained the team to run the systems flawlessly, and with less stress than ever before. The practice tripled in size within a few years. Dr. Katz knows that every practice has similar potential and is eager to help others accomplish similar results in their practices.

Dr. Katz is a graduate of Columbia College (Business and Finance) and the Washington University School of Dental Medicine. He completed a two-year GPR at North Shore University Hospital and continues there as an attending.


  • Master, Academy of General Dentistry
  • Fellow, International College of Dentists
  • Attending, North Shore University Hospital
  • Member, Speaking Consulting Network
  • Member, Academy of Dental Management Consultants


  • Founding Partner, Smile Potential Dental Practice Coaching
  • Winner, Spotlight on Speaking Competition, Speaking Consulting Network, 2014
  • Past Owner, Smiles On Broadway Dental Care
  • Best New Speaker in Dentistry, TBSE, 2014
  • Team Dentist, New York Jets (10 Seasons)
  • Dental Consultant to Fox News, NY

Dr. Katz' first book, “They Didn’t Teach Us THAT In Dental School”, was published in 2014.


Kelly Fox-Galvagni is one of the most knowledgeable, articulate, and energetic dental professionals that you will ever meet. She has been a Clinical Assistant since 1989; she became a Practice Administrator later in her career propelling the last three practices she managed to double collections in 18 months or less. Kelly and her partner Dr. Steven Katz founded Smile Potential Coaching in 2008, both eager to share their love of patient centricity and core values with other practices. Kelly believes that all dental professionals have the potential to be superstars and she thrives on helping dentists harness their leadership powers. Kelly encourages dental auxiliaries to realize dentistry is a career, not a job. She focuses on self-respect, respect for the dentist and team respect. Her love of dental technology and emphasis on embracing new techniques and ideas is contagious. Designing systems and patient centric verbal skills engineered for predictable results in a fun, memorable way is her specialty. Kelly & her husband are empty nesters splitting their time between New York City and Eastern Long Island. They have 2 terrific adult children.

Aside from dentistry, Kelly’s other passion is volunteering and fundraising for several grassroots charities.

She is also an avid kayaker, organic gardener and she rescues dogs, cats & chickens on her mini-farm.


  • AADOM Member
  • Fellow, International Academy For Dental Facial Esthetics
  • Member Speaking Consulting Network


  • Founding Partner, Smile Potential Practice Growth Coaching
  • Winner of SCN Spotlight on Speaking Competition
  • Past President, Long Island Dental Assistants Association



Mercedes is Smile Potential’s outstanding business administrator. She is a practice management expert with many years of firsthand experience implementing innovative, efficient and effective systems during her stellar performance as the office manager of Smiles on Broadway, the practice of Dr. Steven Katz. With her strong leadership skills, creative business style, and visionary talent, she transformed this average office into a multi-million dollar practice, giving patients a luxurious, state-of-the-art, 5-star dental experience.

She is also an expert coach, driving dentists and their teams toward developing solid systems, empowering and inspiring effective team members, all while delivering a highly satisfying “patient experience” which has them referring friends and family. Mercedes has been a trainer for CareCredit teaching dental practices how to use third party financing to help patients say “YES” to dental treatment. Her extensive and unique experience and talents allow her to connect with both practice owners and team members in realizing their peak potential. Mercedes loves spending time with her two wonderful daughters.


Senior Hygiene Coach

Lucrezia Lentini draws on her career as an incredibly caring and productive hygienist to add another dimension to the Smile Potential approach. Lucrezia takes pride in how she made a difference in peoples’ lives through exceptional care and amazing relationships during her 7 years in Dr. Katz’s practice, Smiles On Broadway. After leaving hygiene to nurture her three small children, she returned to practicing in numerous practices in 2013. Lucrezia became frustrated with the failure of these practices to deliver exceptional care and to work to their full potential. She missed the opportunity to deliver optimal care and contribute to practice success at the same time. She yearned to spread awareness of the potential that hygienists have to make an impact on practice success and patient satisfaction through thorough and high quality care. She created a vision that included coaching other hygienists to realize their full potential. Reuniting with Dr. Katz and joining with Kelly, and Mercedes (her former Practice Manager), was a fitting progression for this very conscientious and brilliant Hygiene Coach.

Lucrezia lives on Long Island with the five men in her life, husband Joe, twin sons Joseph and Luca, and youngest sons Vincenzo and Giovanni.


Hygiene COACH

Jamie Mantagas has taken great pleasure in lending her expertise and passion to the dental world since 2000 as an assistant and then a dental hygienist. She has thrived on creating meaningful relationships with her patients and leading them to better oral health while in the clinical setting. Jamie always imagined a position in helping other hygienists thrive and be the best they can be in the field. When the opportunity arose to join the Smile Potential team, she was able to make her vision a reality. As a hygiene coach with Smile Potential, her passion shines through in helping fellow hygienists reach their goals in their role in the dental field. Jamie lives in New Jersey with her husband, two little boys and their dog and cat.



Donna started her dental career in 1989 as a Clinical Assistant. Her love of caring for patients and dentistry inspired her to receive her Dental Hygiene degree in 1993 from New York University. Donna practiced dental hygiene with a particular focus in Pedodontics for many years. As a mother of four, she is passionate about children’s oral health. Donna’s vast knowledge and business acumen allowed her to continue on to manage two very successful, multi-million dollar practices on Long Island. Donna is very understanding of the struggles and unique challenges dental team members face day to day, because she has held each position in a dental office. In 2017 she joined Smile Potential Dental Coaching in order to help dental team members, doctors and practices set and achieve their goals. Team members appreciate her relatable knowledge and expertise; delivered in a fun, actionable way. Through Smile Potential’s Administrative Profitability Program, she is able to work one on one with the administrative team to help master phone skills, scheduling for productivity, workflow efficiency and profitability by mastering management software. Donna lives on Long Island with her 3 daughters and son and their beloved dog and cats. Donna loves spending time with her family and friends, the beach and fitness.

Yana Rozovsky, RDH

Hygiene Coach

Yana started practicing in 2008. Her passion has always been bringing awareness to her patients of how important oral health is to the rest of the body. She practiced in NYC for 8 years before relocating to Westchester. Throughout her career, Yana witnessed many practices that did not give enough credit to or allow hygienists to practice to the best of their abilities and simply kept them working to get through the day. Often she was told that there is a cap to what hygienists can do. Now when she treats her patients, she loves knowing that her opportunities are endless because she has so much to offer; not only to the patients who she cares for but to the overall success of the dental practice. She loves working as a team and knowing that she is making a difference. When Yana was introduced to Smile Potential, she knew instantly that they spoke the same language and felt the same passion.

Yana also has a BA from CUNY Baruch where she studies Business and Psychology as well as a Nutritional Science certification from Tufts University. She lives in Westchester with her husband, 2 boys and their dog that they adopted from the Bahamas.

Amanda Ruiz, CDA

Clinical Coach

Expert patient care and delivering 5 star customer service is a passion Amanda brings to Smile Potential. As a Nationally Certified and NYS certified Dental Assistant she is a key factor in coaching other dental assistants to understand the importance and value of their career.

With over 20 years experience, Amanda is the only member of Smile Potential that has practiced patient care with both Dr.Katz and Kelly at separate times throughout her career. Her curriculum vitae reflects her vast experience in all dental specialities, private practice as well as the hospital setting.

Amanda’s coaching style is both modern and memorable, improving team performance and productivity through proven systems and strategies.

A true master of four-handed dentistry, ergonomics, technology implementation, patient centric verbal skills, organizational skills, production optimization and more, her positive energy and attitude is contagious!

Amanda lives on Long Island, you can find her spending her free time at the gym, in her kitchen meal prepping or being a mom to her son Lucas James.


Practice Coach

Denise Barnes has been an extremely empowered Dental Team member for over 20 years. Early on in her career, working in Dr. Katz’s practice, Smiles On Broadway, she became the leader of the clinical team. She was not only an exceptional clinical assistant, but she had a knack for making the rest of her team around her more professional and more efficient, and she instilled an incredible work ethic among them. She trained her team members in patient care, efficient clinical systems and verbal skills and mastered the administrative skills to help out “up front” in a pinch, though her first love was being in the treatment room with Dr Katz, making a difference in their patients’ lives.

Denise’s role in Smile Potential is Coaching Clinical Assistants and conducting many of our "Secret Shopper” phone calls while helping to teach administrative phone skills.


Hygiene Coach

Judy has a long clinical dental hygiene career of nearly 30 years in multiple practice settings from periodontal specialty to prosthetic specialty. She has been a student of multiple advanced education programs in dentistry while working in New England for the majority of her practice. She initially received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and upon working in a large dental practice in an administrators position, she fell in love with dentistry and pursued her next degree in Dental Hygiene. Judy still spends time on patient care when she is not working with Smile Potential as a coach and dental hygiene mentor. Judy’s love for dentistry is a continuous quest for greater knowledge to assist both patients and coaching clients achieve all that they aspire to!

When Judy is not working within the dental world, you can find her at home in Southold enjoying all that the east end offers or helping her husband Craig at his business! She enjoys yoga, boating, travel and spending time with all of her nieces and nephews!


  • Increased revenue by 50% in 1st year
  • Hygiene productivity doubled in 3 months
  • Number of crowns tripled in 6 months

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