Empower Your Assistant To Become a NINJA (No I’m Not Just Any Assistant)

It is disturbing when we meet Dental Team Members and they question their importance to the doctors or practices that they work for. Team members may not possess the confidence to assertively “Make A Difference” when they first come to our practices, but if we train them, encourage them and empower them, they may ultimately be the driving force in the success of our practices.

Denise has been the primary Clinical Assistant in my practice, Smiles On Broadway, for 18 years. She recently attended one of our seminars. Ironically, attending that seminar was the doctor that she worked for before she came to our practice. During the break in the presentation, that doctor came up to Kelly and I to let us know that his practice was struggling at the present time. He indicated that he had reduced some of his hours and had already let one employee go. He wanted to know if we could help him. We assured him that we would and we have engaged with his practice.  At the conclusion of the seminar I was speaking with Denise and I told her that it was a good thing that she came to work in our practice because if she had still been working in the other practice she may not have had much security in her employment.  Without hesitating, Denise turned to me and said, ” On the contrary, Steve. If I had still been working for that doctor it is likely that he would have been the one giving the lecture today instead of you.” Denise is confident, knowledgeable and empowered.  More importantly she understands her importance to the success of our practice.

Several months ago I had the privilege to meet a woman who has taken it upon herself to advocate for the empowerment and importance of clinical assistants. Angela Guanzini founded the NINJA (No I’m Not Just Any Assistant) Movement in 2006. Angela teaches Clinical Assistants to professionally achieve more, improve the patient experience and increase the production of their practices. She teaches assistnts to turn “suction into production”. If you would like to find out more about NINJA Dentistry, check out her websitewww.ninjadentistry.com or write to her atninjadentistry@gmail.com.