We believe that one of our greatest successes of the past year was the Doctors Dedicated to Success (DDS) Mastermind Program. We were very happy that we routinely had between 25-30 doctors participating and the quality of the guests made each of the meetings a worthwhile experience for all who joined. We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting our second year of the program beginning in September. We have received commitments from some incredible guests to insure that this year will be another very worthwhile program. Our first guest will be Tim Twigg, of Bent Erickson and Associates. He will address a very timely topic : how to deal with team members who have not been vaccinated, and how to answer patient inquiries about the vaccination status of the members of the team. In addition, each meeting will continue to foster a culture of sharing the ideas that contribute to all of your successes and some solutions to the challenges that you may share with one another. All participants will be able to schedule two Practice Growth Coaching Phone Calls during the course of the year, and will receive feedback on a recorded Secret Shopper Call, all included in the cost of the Mastermind Program. The first Mastermind meeting will be Wednesday September 22nd at 7:30 pm.