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I engaged Smile Potential for Maximum Potential Coaching. Having used another dental coaching consultant with very disappointing results, as well as no personalized action plan, I was hesitant to work with another company. However, I had many frustrating hurdles in my practice which included no systems/procedures in place for our team, inadequate training for the administrative team members, as well as our office manager, needing to move to a new location, and not to mention increasing case acceptance which would in turn increase revenue and production. Having personally known Kelly Fox-Galvagni professionally for many years, I put my trust in her and decided to take this step to help my practice. I have absolutely no regrets since working with them. Smile Potential is different from other consultants, in that they customize each package to the practice they are helping. They listen to your goals and help you achieve those and so much more. The meetings were far from boring, they were engaging and entertaining. We were able to build an even stronger team including adding team members, increase our case acceptance, developed systems and protocols, and moved into our beautiful new location. Each year since, we have continued grow which is incredible considering we are competing with managed care dentistry. My patients feel the value of what we are offering to them and know that we are one big family. I can't thank Steve and Kelly enough for helping me to achieve and surpass my goals. For those of you contemplating working with Smile Potential, my advice is start working with them as soon as possible and it is definitely worth the investment!

Dr. Colleen L. Catera

Dear Steve, Kelly and all the Gang,
I just want to tell you how wonderful our experience was with Smile Potential. You are a wealth of information, suggestions, solutions and insights into all aspects of running a dental office. You deliver your program with care, thoroughness, understanding and sincerity. The people we dealt with in the organization were people I loved working with. They knew exactly what I was going through and how to handle my concerns. Everyone was always available to answer questions, make suggestions, intervene with my team if necessary and provide wisdom. As an office, we have implemented so many successful changes that have brought about improvements in all areas, such as: team, unity, computer efficiency, less paperwork, shorter working hours, increased and improved leadership skills on my part. I’m sorry we didn’t find Smile Potential sooner, but better late than never.
Thank you again for all that you provided for us.

Dr. Terri Silverman

Thirty years ago, my wife and I bought a dental practice and quintupled it in five years. We then expanded to three offices and close to forty employees. Through the years our growth continued but slowed down. We needed better metrics, more systems, and a new, invigorated culture.
Along came Dr. Steven Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni from Smile Potential. They became the perfect fit and showed it from the get-go. Shortly after the first inspiring full day team event with them, my wife and I took a vacation. When we got back we had our own team meeting. I was concerned that we had lost momentum. To my surprise, our team, even without us being present was picking up the ball and charging ahead with new enthusiasm and ideas. It was far beyond my wildest expectations.
They continue to analyze, support and grow our practice in ways we wouldn’t have imagined. We are very thankful to this dynamic duo and highly recommend them to any practice wanting to raise their level of service and self-satisfaction.

Theodore C. Gross, DDS

When I began with Smile Potential, my practice was going through some major changes in the office staff and wanted some guidance on how to get my practice its full potential. Within a short amount of time SP's ideas and systems were implemented, we understood how to use them, and the results were incredible. Our monthly production jumped up significantly as well as the team being motivated by the monthly bonuses that we were now offering. It was no longer myself worrying about the monthly production but my entire team.
   Smile Potential taught me so much that I didn't know about running my business and my practice. They are always available for consultation, not only just for myself but for my entire team. Their model of individual coaches for every department is extremely effective. 
I have also become a better communicator in discussions with patients.   I never realized investing in practice management consulting would have such a big impact on my practice's bottom line.  In two years, our production skyrocketed from $900,000 to $2.6 million and we are not done growing!
If you have any hesitation in deciding whether to sign up with Smile Potential, don’t wait….it will be the best decision you make!

Dr. Michael Edwards

I have taken away many things all positive..from Smile Potential. I have grown from this experience and have learned even so much more! I was definitely a little skeptical in the beginning, but come to realize Smile potential is the real deal! I look forward to continue growing Dr.Magid’s practice and that with all systems in place the sky is the limit!

Liliana Singh
Office Manager

In my thirty plus years of private practice and teaching, I’ve come across most of the practice management gurus, consultants, and courses, none of which has helped me more or impressed me as much as Dr. Steve Katz. The greatest, single impact Dr. Katz has had on me and my practice is his ability to identify the positives of my practice and make it better. I was a mentor to Steve over 20 years ago when he was in his residency. Now, he has returned the favor, by instilling in me simple concepts, systems and principals, which enabled me to retire early and comfortably. Thank you Steve!

Dr. Fred Danziger

I have had the good fortune of having Dr. Steven Katz as my friend and mentor. At one time I was his instructor at North Shore Hospital some 35 years ago. The times and tables have turned. He has become an expert in something I am not. He and his very able partner Kelly have become a powerhouse consulting team and experts in an area that most dentists are woefully inadequate. I speak from personal experience.
Over the last three years Smile Potential has guided me through staffing and management, money problems put me on the proper path towards retirement. Steve, Kelly and their team are very committed to solving our problems. They treated my practice and cared for me and my team with total professionalism.  I believe the biggest obstacle is overcoming our own reluctance to seeing and changing our own bad habits. They stayed focused and rode my practice wave to a safe and happy conclusion.  We are now working with my new partner to maximize my next phase of practice and ultimately my retirement. Paul Eisen DMD

Paul Eisen DMD

In over ten years in the dental field, I have attended countless continuing education seminars. Those seminars always seemed to have the same things to say; the same advice, and the same cookie-cutter mentality. Most of the suggestions they gave just didn't fit into our practice. 
Kelly Fox-Galvagni of Smile Potential really listened and understood our concerns.  She has consistently given me practical systems and strategies that are easy to apply.  I never imagined having a practice management consultant tailor a program for our practice. The results have been spectacular! 
With the knowledge and experience of Kelly Fox-Galvagni and Dr. Steven Katz, our team is happier and much more efficient. Our collections are up, and our new patient average per month has tripled. Most of all, we are all having fun! I would recommend Smile Potential to any dental practice in order to reach your maximum practice potential!

Christine M.
Practice Manager 

I cannot thank Smile Potential enough for helping me become a better manager. After many years in the field, working in the same practice I was pretty sure I knew everything. Kelly and the Smile Potential team have helped me grow and learn in a way that is supportive and fun. Since working with Smile Potential just a few months ago, our entire team has a better attitude, including the doctor! The new positive energy is contagious, and we are all happy at work. Patients are responding to the way we are communicating with them. We have much higher case acceptance and cancellations are no longer a problem. I was not happy when my boss hired Smile Potential initially, but now I’m a believer!

Suzanne L. 
Office Manager  Levittown, NY

After 25 years in dentistry, I was fried and thinking of trying a new career path. Since working with Smile Potential, my burnout is GONE! 
Our Administrative team is unbelievably fortunate to have a coach that is actually a dental administrator that understands our unique challenges. Our hygienists and dental assistants feel the same way about their expert SP coaches, finally UNDERSTOOD and appreciated! Coach Kelly has an unbelievable work ethic and genuinely cares for the patients, the doctors and everyone she works with. Smile Potential has amazing techniques that help make our job more efficient and easier to understand. They teach skills, systems, and concepts that enable us to work smarter not harder toward a common goal, and we all love earning our bonus and shopping spree!
Having a coach that has confidence and trust in our team allows all of us to make the best decisions. Our doctor is happier, we are communicating better between departments and most of all our patients are raving fans! 
Like Smile Potential always says, the numbers don’t lie!

Amy Smith
Scheduling Coordinator

When my partner & I first met Steve Katz we were very impressed with both the depth of knowledge that he possessed, and even more by the passion that obviously motivated him. We liked the fact that he was still practicing dentistry as well as coaching. In spite of these pluses, we elected to hold off going forward with his program. In retrospect, we must confess our significant error, which only illustrates how tough it is to change years of bad habits. Three years later we asked if he would consider helping us. Ever gracious, his reply was- some things just take time. Within just a few months our productivity improved dramatically, but most important we could see the enormous potential that our office contained. It wasn't only the improvement financially, but we were developing an increasingly positive aura between ourselves, the staff, and our patients. It requires commitment and effort to change. Steve, Kelly and their team of experts will be there for you, as they are there for us. If you feel as though you are spinning your wheels going nowhere, if you feel anxiety, if you feel that you are not getting what you need from your practice, my recommendation is to give them a call and ask them for help. Please don't make our error. Whether you are new in practice or have been in practice for a long time, I cannot envision any circumstance where you wouldn't get some benefit in developing your relationship with them. The answer is simple, commitment and effort. Go for it!

Larry Mogen DDS

Just finished another consecutive best collection month! The Smile Potential team are gurus. I am delighted to be a member of the SP temple of systems and doing things right! I am also proud to be giving my team an extra bonus this month. You will be too, it feels great, don’t wait!

Dr. David

In these hard times, my practice was stagnating. There was dissension among the staff. I knew that my business needed a boost. I decided to employ a local dental coaching team, Smile Potential. Immediately I saw results- there was a positive change in attitude among the staff and an increase in profits. Dr. Steven Katz’s easy-going, informative approach to dental practice management and Kelly’s ever-present upbeat attitude are a winning combination. I highly recommend them. You can bank on it!

Anthony Falciano DDS, MAGD

Speaking Testimonials

Dr. Steven Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni spoke for our study club group. Their insight into concepts that will work well in many offices was exceptional. I have never heard a more quiet room as they presented their material. It was a great learning experience and I suggest that you attend one of their lectures when it is available.

David M. Berk

Dr. Steve Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni delivered the best Practice Management course that I have heard in years.

Dr. Woody Oakes
Excellence in Dentistry | The Profitable Dentist

Dr. Steven Katz wowed his audiences at the Speaking Consulting Network where he walked away with first place in the Spotlight on Speaking competition. He did the same before an audience of more than 1500 people three months later at TBSE. He and his business partner, Kelly, are two of the rising stars in practice and team development coaching. Treat your audience to this wonderful message of hope.

Linda Miles
Founder, LLM & Associates and Speaking Consulting Network Co-Founder, Oral Cancer Cause

Dr. Steven Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni were two of our top speakers at our Destin 2014 seminar. Their message was well received and resonated among the doctors and staff in attendance. They were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend both Dr. Katz and Kelly as a speakers for your next event!

Delaine Stewart
Meeting Coordinator | Excellence in Dentistry

Dr. Steve Katz was a pleasure to work with and have as a speaker for our annual signature event, TBSE, in 2014. He made it easy for me, as the Event Planner, as he was so prompt with his responses to my requests and very professional to deal with. We are, in fact, having him back again as a featured speaker in 2015.

Ann Ulick
Events Manager | The Madow Brothers

Words cannot express what a fantastic job you and Kelly did yesterday. EVERYONE at the lecture had nothing but praise for what an outstanding lecture you and Kelly presented. Again, as I sat there watching you and Kelly, you gave me all the feels from the first time I sat at your lecture. I still laughed, cried and still wanted to do better and be better!
I am grateful that Dr. Ladman and my fellow team were finally able to see what I’ve been talking about all these months ago. I am so happy to have finally “shared” that experience I felt when I first saw you and Kelly at the Big Apple Dental meeting.
You have been the most pleasant speaker I have ever worked with (and I work with at least 20 speakers a year!) and your team is really an exceptional team, especially Mercedes, who worked so hard on getting this event off the ground with me.
Thank you for all you, Kelly and your wonderful team did to make yesterday an unforgettable event for Dr. Ladman and everyone who attended.


Excellent program, I have been in the dental industry for 25 years (including 10 years as a CDA) and I found your program one of the most informative I have ever seen. Thank you very much

Pia N
Schein Field Sales Consultant

Dr. Steven Katz is one of the top coaches in dentistry. As a practice owner and clinician he has seen it all. Steve’s compassion and desire to help others combined with his highly productive practice make him the perfect person to motivate his colleagues. Dr. Katz reveals all of the tips, tricks and secrets you need to know to achieve similar success.

Dr. Richard Madow
The Madow Brothers

Congratulations! I was so inspired by your presentation! It was articulate and moving. Thank you for sharing your passion and your story with all of us. You are truly gifted and have a bright future ahead of you!

Heidi Arndt, RDH, BSDH
Enhanced Hygiene

You ‘killed it’ with your Spotlight on Speaking talk! AND, you inspired me to tell my story, which seems pale in comparison, yet provides insights for both young and old docs. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Doug Carlson, DDS

The award you received for your Spotlight on Speaking speech was truly deserved. It has been so great getting to know you Steve. I wish you all the best as you continue on this journey. You are the best.

Lois Banta
Banta Consulting

Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Steven Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni. They did a great job at a large event in Miami. Steve received the distinction of “Best New Speaker”. If you are looking for new speakers, you will enjoy talking to them.

Dr. Gordon Christiansen
Director, Practical Clinical Courses CEO & Co-Founder, CR Foundation

Dr. Steven Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni have spoken twice at the Big Apple Dental Meeting. Each time they have received wonderful reviews from attendees. In addition, they have been a pleasure to work with from a planner’s perspective. They are extremely well prepared and do not place any extraneous demands on the meeting committee. From my perspective, they are welcome to return to our meeting in the future and I always look forward to their participation.

Joy Patane
Executive Secretary, Bronx County Dental Society, Big Apple Dental Meeting

Your practice management presentation has been an integral part of our meeting’s success in helping the dental office achieve higher standards. Your valuable information in this fast paced industry has proven to be a success for many practices that you have touched. Evaluations for your course were all well received and all rated in the excellent category.

Fran McHugh
Executive Director | Greater Long Island Dental Meeting

Thank you so much for a great presentation. You really helped us to understand what the Dentist is really looking for in a Sales Rep..  Now, I know,  I really was on the right track.  I also know you will be there to help coach me to help our customers.   I think you will really be able to help our customers with Case Presentations.  This is something we really didn’t have before.  I found you and Kelly to be very sincere, practical in your approach and most of all passionate about helping our customers, as I am.   I want you to know that the Sales Team was extremely attentive during your presentation.

Donna L
Schein Field Sales Consultant

I didn’t get a chance to thank you at our sales meeting, but would like to extend my THANKS today!  I work closely with my accounts and sometimes lose sight of the important information we have to share because we are dealing with day-to-day fires.   You and Kelly inspired me to get back to what’s important and the role I truly love – consulting and helping the practices grow.  Thanks Again!

Chris G
Sales Consultant

Coaching Testimonials


  • Increased revenue by 50% in 1st year
  • Hygiene productivity doubled in 3 months
  • Number of crowns tripled in 6 months

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